Come with us to nature

Slow down, relax and notice what usually escapes your attention. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of nature. In Japan, they have been using the forest bathing method, the so-called shinrin-yoku, for almost 40 years.

Today, thanks to its science-based positive effects, forest bathing is spreading to many countries of the world. It offers a way to maintain balance in today’s busy and stressful times.

Connection with nature in the city

We humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature. We absolutely need nature for life, we are naturally closely connected with other living organisms on our planet. This evolutionarily conditioned relationship between humans and nature is called biophilia. When we are surrounded by nature, we feel better and science confirms it.

However, the fast lifestyle in cities and the digital age means for us a significant limitation of contact with nature. We spend most of our time indoors, the lack of sunlight weakens our immune system and increases the risk of depression. Chronic stress, sedentary lifestyle, noise and air pollution in cities contribute to health problems, fatigue and psychological discomfort.

Feelings of burnout and general exhaustion appear more often. These facts are not new. We are overloaded with information, demands, performance pressure and constant distractions through digital devices.

A walk in city forests and parks also helps to slow down the pace, reduce stress and support mental balance. Many scientific studies confirm their positive impact on physical and mental health. You do not have to move out of the city to reconnect with nature. It is enough to find time to stop and mindfully observe the nature around us.

Noticing nature mindfully will help you to intensify the experience of nature and its benefits.  You will learn to perceive what usually escapes your attention.

About forest bathing

Do you feel tired? Do you want to take a break from the overload of information and demands? Do you need to regenerate and improve the quality of your sleep? Do you want to boost your concentration and creativity? Try forest bathing.

Mindful time in the natural environment has many benefits. It will help you relieve stress and be present in the moment. Mindfulness in nature offers space for perceiving nature with the involvement of the senses as well as observing one’s own thoughts and emotions.


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